• I used donor eggs during my in vitro fertilization procedure. And being in medical center I communicated with patients there. They are all from abroad, from different countries and had such programs as surrogacy, egg donation IVF. Once waiting for the doctor, we start talking about donors, egg donors with one of patients. And she even raiseв the…[Read more]

  • Oh, it’s really very hot and important question! Firstly we do everything in order to have children and even use ART help. And after that we start thing about whether to say about this fact to child or no? )) And of course if we decide to say it the next question arise “How to do it correctly?”. I understand it very well as I have already used…[Read more]

  • Hi Marta! How are you and who is your surrogacy journey? In fact I have some experience of the use of assisted reproductive technologies. I am also infertile and I can’t conceive naturally. It is because I have damaged chromosomal structure of my own eggs. And in my case unfortunately my own eggs cannot be used for the conception. Due to this p…[Read more]

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