• I have read they have one of the best doctors and medicine is on a very high level. all the best doctors abroad are always Russians or Ukrainians. success rate is much higher in Ukraine than in Georgia and the prices are better

  • I have read about Georgian centers on tripadvisors and was recommended to turn to Ukraine over Georgia

  • combined program is when both are stimulated, me and the donor. If my embryo is transferred and the result is negative, they will transfer embryos cultivated from the donor’s egg. this way we won’t have to wait or resign our program, and the SM candidate will be ours

  • We decided to do a combined program. We are looking for the donor, btw I think their database is amazing. So much info and I really appreciate that they mention the cryo eggs availability. Agency wrote me that they will be able to stimulate the donor as soon as we choose her, since they have already resumed their work with donors. We are very excited

  • I agree with Lily, I have turned to ivmed family too and they are a very nice agency and clinic. Love communicating with our MC, we get immediate response and a lot of help with preparation for the program. we are going to ship sperm as soon as it will be possible to start the program right away. wish you the best of luck

  • how many days have you spent there? and who from the doctors would you recommend? I have been joining their webinars lately and all the doctors seem very nice. though, I would like the professional specialist for my case because I really want this time to work…

  • Thanks so much for your feedback, Lily! Could you please advise on the exit process? I am really worried that it’s very complicated. I am afraid if the agency won’t be able to help us, we will just be at loss, since we dont speak any other language but English. Also I am not sure with trying it on my own eggs, I have only one attempt left, that’s…[Read more]

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    Hello Lily, we have been looking into IVMed Family too, how long ago have you signed with them? Do you mind sharing your experience please. I have heard really good things about their embryology team, I wonder if you had DE or your own. I don’t want to do DE but many clinics in Ukraine seem to not even offer surrogacy on own eggs

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