• oh, I think I understand now what you had in mind when writing about combined programs in another thread. so you are willing to proceed with own stimulation, after all? I think that’s quite smart, you get the benefits of both programs

  • what do you mean under combined programs?
    yeah, I agree, their database is really nice, you can ask for additional photos if you interested in one particular donor.
    that’s amazing! it’s nice that everything is starting to work again

  • you did? That’s great. so you are doing the DE program? have you chosen the donor already, are there any updates on when the stimulation will be possible at the clinic?

  • Dear Marta,
    we had a program with IVMed Family in Kyiv, Ukraine. Great agency, professional staff. they helped us a lot and during the whole process we are grateful for all the support we received from them. they found us a surrogate very quickly and the transfer was positive on the first attempt. helped us a lot with choosing our donor too. if…[Read more]

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    If you are going for stimulation, I would recommend either Strelko or Ulanova, both doctors are really good. I would recommend to skype both of them and see who would you prefer.
    during the exit process we spent about 1 and a half month. though, the time flew by like crazy because we had a baby to look after)

  • happy to help! the exit process was stressful emotionally but the clinic helped us with all documents, that’s why it was’t complicated as it is. just you need to be mentally ready to spend some time abroad until everything is ready. The Dr’s are good, if you have only one attempt left then of course you should take everything into consideration, I…[Read more]

  • Hello, Catherine! nice to meet you. we have signed with them about a year ago. their embryology team is amazing, they really do wonders! We had a DE program, but my husband’s sperm wasn’t great, but they offered us a sperm chip that really helped. before signing with ivmed family, we were patients of another clinic, had 3 attempts and because of…[Read more]

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    Surrogacy is a great option, I agree. It worked for us and will certainly work for you. I strongly recommend checking out IVMed Family in Kyiv, believe me, out of all surrogacy agencies in Ukraine (and we had quite an experience), they are the most reliable and professional

  • Hello everyone! We have started our treatment with Adonis and had exactly the same experience as everyone above,they would ignore us for days. Very unprofessional, it was driving us crazy. A friend of mine in Facebook suggested we move to IVMed Family agency. what we eventually did, no regrets! Never experienced lack of communication with them.

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