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    I don’t know..last few years were really crazy and weird for all of us and maybe we are not adequate, but the matter is that waiting is a luxury we cannot afford, as you know time is precious and its value rises the older you get (i am 46). We decided to start our surrogacy journey from the really bolt one – the journey to Ukraine. Honestly, Ukraine it’s our first place and the last place where we can go – money, time – all these things – we are a good bit strict for…
    We want to be the know, choosing a trustworthy agency is also an issue, and we are not searching for the first-in-class service, we will be happy with an agency transparent in costs, responsive, trustworthy as I said before…we had zooms with some, but I still don’t know yet, please, share your knowledge… X



    Hello Lilly! My name is Alex, I’m from Florida.
    I’m in the middle of the journey right now with Ukraine. I did chose the clinic by recommendation, and so far, we like it. Don’t worry and don’t be afraid, everything will be good!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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