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7 Places to Take Your Kids (Before They Grow Up)

There are so many great things to see while your children are still young. Here are our top picks.   A Natural Wonder The Grand Canyon; Arizona Absolutely nothing will prepare your family for the first time you see this 227-mile-long, 5,000-foot-deep...

10 Fun Games from Around the World

Your child might not be able to find Pakistan on a map, but teaching her about all kinds of cultures is no more complicated than playing a game. So next time you hear "Mommy, I'm bored!" spark your kid's sense of adventure by adding fresh international...

Surrogacy Pregnancy is Confirmed! What Happens Next?

The moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here…your surrogate is pregnant. But what are the next steps in the surrogacy process? You’ve got nine months to wait until your little bundle arrives. What can you do to prepare for the birth in these coming...

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