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Bella Huges

Hey there. It was very nice of you to share your experience with us. I have been TTC with my DH for the past 10 years and I have also come to the point of opting for surrogacy in the foreign because of the high prices locally. I do not really want to waste more money to face more failures. This time I am thinking of keeping my hopes not that high and go for a reasonable treatment. I have read a lot about this particular clinic too and I have really heard only nice things about it. It is glad that I got to find your post and got to hear your experience over there. I have visited their website but I am really not sure if the prices that they are mentioning over there for their packages is gonna be the exact ones. I mean many clinics have nice things and low prices written on their websites but when you get there they double their prices by adding extra charges for stupid things. I just want to make sure that this clinic does not do such a thing because I have saved up for this treatment with a lot of difficulties and really want to get the treatment soon instead of investing more time into saving. I am very glad to hear your experience. Please, do share some details and keep us updated.