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Hey Missha! Hope you’re doing great. It feels great to have someone in the same boat but a little bit more experienced. Since I have high levels of FSH and low levels of AMH my doctor told us that my ovarian reserve was poor. I did try 2 cycles of IVF but both failed. So now DH and I have started our research on the clinics for surrogacy. Honestly, everywhere I researched especially in the US is so expensive. For both of us, the major concern is the financial problem. However, at the same time, we want a baby as well. Hearing about your review, I will visit their site and check for myself as well(link, if provided, will be helpful). I just want to go somewhere where the success rate is also high since I cant accept a failure anyone. I hope you can understand. I guess that is the only reason why I myself am willing to go somewhere abroad. When it comes to being a mother, the feeling is pretty mutual so is the extent. Best of luck to you. All my warm wishes are with you.