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Dorothy James

Hey there Missha! Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Surrogacy in the US is very expensive and their services are not much good either. So you went to Ukraine for surrogacy, I heard a lot about one clinic there. Many people are sharing their success stories with that clinic, I m not much sure if that clinic is the best option for me, but after reading such good reviews about it, I think maybe it is worth one shot. After a lot of research for my surrogacy, I m also heading towards that clinic in Ukraine too. It’s not much expensive there, it is a little bit but it’s much less than other countries. So don’t worry you are not the only who’s going to have treatment abroad. I m just hoping that the service is good and the treatment is successful. Because if I fail after this, I will be left with nothing. I have tried almost everything and this is the only money I have now, saving it from years. Please sprinkle some baby dust on me and wish me luck. Much Love!