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Hey, Missha I hope you’re doing good. I am sure you’re super excited about for almost being a mother. I can totally relate to you as I find in a very similar situation.When I started looking for clinics who were helping in assisted conceptions I was nervous. As since day 1 it was pretty clear that I won’t be going to a clinic in my own hometown. As the treatment won’t be covered by the insurance and thus I would have to pay a huge sum of money. Anyways, once I did find a clinic I was so scared. I was going to a country I had never been to. However, the clinic made me feel really confident. They told me a driver would be waiting for me outside the airport thus no worry. I when was finally taken to the clinic I honestly was soo much relieved. As I saw so many foreigners visiting the same clinic. I after that point never felt nervous or I was doing something weird. As I wasn’t alone in this and so many people were coming for help. So yes truly you’re not alone and you shouldn’t feel nervous except enjoy the moment.