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Hey Olivia, choosing a clinic is quite hard, because, in US and Uk, it costs a fortune, but if we talk about Europe, it has great reviews of economical packages of the surrogacy. I have heard a lot but the clinic. And they have an extensive number of surrogate database, which allows the intended couples to choose from the database whoever makes their perfect match. As far as the contract is concerned, Ukraine has proven to be surrogacy friendly country as of other European countries. Surrogacy is legal there, and the intended parents will not be mentioned as the second family to the baby but they will be biological parents. The surrogate will not be mentioned. However, intended parents will have to provide marriage certificate as part of the procedures. The agreement shall include all the necessary stages, necessities, terms and conditions. The agreement will ensure that the surrogate and the intended parents will be provided with all the necessary medical examination, and the court will hold responsible to carry out all the medical procedures according to the legal methods approved by the Ukraine Ministry of Health. It further includes the payment and non-disclosure agreement. This is all I know off. I have been toying with the idea of gestational surrogacy. And this was one of my lists. Good luck