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Hey there! Let me tell you story of my friend, After trying to get pregnant for 7 years, she did IUI several times. that alone was so discouraging. the day she has done trying IUI was at the doctor’s office getting inseminated with her husband’s sperm. the smell of the hub’s stuff in the sterile doctor’s office just felt so wrong. She didn’t think she could handle invitro emotionally, physically,… it’s all incredibly draining. She decided then to go through the adoption process, and having been rejected countless times, she was depleted of any energy or desire to pursue the dream of having children. as depressing and defeating as it sounds, it was amazingly liberating to set the dream a flight. the miraculous thing that happened to both of them was that they both simultaneously had peace about moving on and just living. now, 13 years married, they still don’t have children but continue to bare the peace of being content with what they have right in front of them. I do know some people who have struggled with infertility and never conceived, so their story is the norm. I pray your story is different as we have seen with our friends who have also struggled and managed to conceive. Prayers going your way for strength during your break time and clarity when you need to pursue trying again.