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Hello, Missha and everyone. I am writing on behalf of my friends who’ve just come back home to Spain with their baby-girl Maria born through surrogacy in Ukraine. They didn’t trust advertisements so I made a research for them more then 1,5 year ago (because I live in Kiev and that was easy for me to collect all the information about the clinics and agencies). They had their lawyer who explained all the rules about legalization the baby in Spain. But the clinic (almost all the best clinics in Kiev have their own lawyers and legal support) provided them with all necessary docs (birth certificate) and gave a good advice how to get prepared for the interview at the Embassy. There was only one situation that made my friends nervous- the changing of the Ambassador of Spanish Embassy in Kiev but at the end of the day they had no problems. I don’t know if I can tell the name of the clinic (may be it will sound like an advertisement). But I just want to say that my friends didn’t face with any problems.
The clinic was even ready to provide the accommodation, transfer and all other needed services. But that was unnecessary because I helped my friends with all that stuff.
Regarding the medicine and medical service I was worried a lot because I’d never faced with that before and I knew I was responsible for my friends’ “future life”. So I went to 4 clinics like a patient (just for consultation) to see around and compare. I was sooooo impressed by the level of technologies and professionalism of Ukrainian doctors. At the end of the day we chose the clinic that had 18 checked and ready surrogate mothers so we didn’t have to wait for searching. Btw that clinic also had own database of donors (carefully checked only in that clinic, like they claimed), own laboratory and very impressive embryology. My friends came to Kiev for signing papers, meeting surrogate mother and collecting Martin’s sperm. All other things were done by doctors. I got the power of attorney for signing all other docs with the clinic of behalf of my friends. I got alone with the surrogate mother Khristina who was really sweet and responsible. We caught up from time to time on Skype all together (by the way the staff of international department of the clinic was always in touch with parents for updating the information abt SM health).
When Kristina was on her 36th week Martin and Natasha came to Kiev. Maria showed up on the 39th week, parents were presented at the maternity house (but only Natasha could see the process of delivery, not Martin- that was Khristina’s wish). The same day the coordinator and representative of the clinic came by. The next day the lawyer of the clinic helped to sign all the papers and prepared all the docs for getting the birth certificate. I know that my friends went to the Embassy several times and they said everything went smoothly.
Maria was checked by the doctor from the maternity house but the clinic was ready to provide a private pediatrician if needed. Fortunately the baby girl was doing well so we didn’t use that option. I just called my doctor (the one who has been checking my girl for 3 years) to check if everything is ok.
Thanks God we went through that challenge almost without any problems. Like my friends say, Maria is a happy baby, she has many parents;)))) and they say that I am one of them. It’s a great honor to hear that. God bless that little baby-boo, the good doctors, Khristina and Maria’s parents!
And it’s always good to have friends around the world)))
I wish the same good experience for every couple who are getting ready for going through that not easy process. Don’t be afraid, just go ahead. The happiness worth that.
I went through that challenge with my friends so dear future parents don’t be afraid to ask any questions. I’ll always reply when I have chance.
I hope my story will be useful for someone.