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I think it is the best place I was looking for to share my friend’s experience of surrogacy and her journey with the surrogate agency and surrogate mother of her child.
She was trying for last 2 years but unfortunately had miscarriages on both attempts.
Then I suggested her about other surrogacy. First, she was bit confused but when I showed her some successful videos on YouTube. She finally agrees and we had a talk with her husband.
He was so supportive and loving person. He arranged our flight and then we visited Europe as Europe is known for these clinics and their excellence. It gives us great feeling after visiting them.They arranged a trustworthy surrogate mother for us. After all procedures like a contract, agreement, pregnancy tests, screenings and other procedures.
Everything works great for me after almost a year we had visited again and after all legal proceedings, they gave us our baby. It was the best feeling ever for me.I Will suggest every woman who is facing infertility and looking for surrogacy to contact surrogate mother from trustworthy agencies and clinics. Cheers