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For women considering serving as a surrogate. Perhaps the best way to familiarize themselves with the process is to hear about it from a woman who’s been through it. I have always enjoyed being pregnant. I’ve had three children of my own and I even enjoy giving birth. I know not all women feel this way, but to me pregnancy and childbirth are fascinating. Amazing times. After I had my third child, who is now 3. I can remember saying to my husband, quite seriously. “I could do this a dozen more times.” In the past, whenever I’ve heard women with fertility problems talking about their challenges and unhappiness. It has tugged at my heartstrings and actually made me feel a little guilt. That I was so blessed. Overall, surrogacy appears to be a positive experience for surrogate mothers. Women who decide to embark upon surrogacy often have completed a family of their own and feel they wish to help a couple who would not otherwise be able to become parents.