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Hey Misha Well congratulations, hope everything works well for you. I had gone through the same situation. Your biggest fear of being living alone, without kids is passed now. Now you are going to start a new changed, positive and happy life When I get to know about my infertility I become like a dead person. I started living alone but my friend really motivates me. She always advised me that this is common and there is nothing to be ashamed of it.
Furthermore, she also suggested me some new treatments like IVF and Surrogacy. I was fully unaware of these terms.
She explains these terms in every detail and I finally get to know that there is a hope and I should go for it. After knowing all about surrogacy and its types, I Visited a quality clinic and after our first successful meeting with the doctor, we finally decided to go for surrogacy. And Thanks to God Everything works great for me. It was a great experience of my life. Those doctors and other staff of the clinic, they all were amazing. We just love this journey and now looking to visit them again for our second son.
Good luck to every woman out there.