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hey! I do agree with you on so many things,
A must-read post. good one.
but you missed out something. There are many individuals who got to conceive through IVF.
Its just about circumstances. It’s not that bad.
I agree that there are so many cycles that probably make you mentally and physically sick.
even I dropped this thing after two failures as of I knew that it would be much hectic to afford more cycles.
but I never opposed these procedures.
most of the individuals are finding much good and success in this procedure.
and I am happy for them.
I have a friend who conceived in the second cycle.
and even I came across to women on this forum who conceived in a very first cycle.
There are pros and cons to each procedure you take.
but the success rates talks out loud that each procedure is great in its own way,
If you got the good eggs then you are good to go.
but donor eggs are even doing miracles.
Thier is a quiet balanced equation.