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Because infertility is so often a private struggle, most couples don’t know whom in their lives to ask for referrals. If they feel comfortable asking at all even if they did know. Just because a friend or family member is “out” about their infertility doesn’t mean you want to be. Does your insurance only cover certain clinics? If so, let me give you some counter-intuitive advice. Don’t become a patient at a clinic just because it’s covered by your insurance. One of our friends is a patient at a clinic because it’s the only one their insurance covers. But I truly question what went into the decision to cover this clinic in the first place because their medical practices are not even questionable. In my opinion, they are downright fraudulent. Free or discounted infertility treatments will be of little comfort when you’ve been unsuccessful over and over again at the fault of the clinic. Do your due diligence and consider cost as only one of many factors when making your decision.