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Evaluate how many IVC cycles a clinic is performing each year. They say that practice makes perfect and that is most certainly true when it comes to more innovative scientific and medical procedures. The more embryo transfers a clinic is doing, the more they are learning and the better their skills will be. Ideally, you want to place your focus on IVF clinics that are doing about 120 cycles or more per year. This is a sign that these procedures are routine and the clinic’s doctors are experts at the process.Make comparisons between the procedures you are going to use. You have the choice of using fresh or frozen embryos. Once you know which type of embryo you will be using, you want to evaluate clinic success rates using the same type. If you will be using fresh embryos, spend more time evaluating statistics that reflect successful transfers and live births using fresh embryos. The same is true if you will be using frozen embryos, donor eggs, etc. Look at the success rates for women in your same age group. As we have mentioned before, age matters. It matters when you are trying to conceive naturally and it matters when you are using IVF procedures. You will want to focus on clinics that have the highest success rates for women in your same age bracket. Note that older women using donor eggs will have higher transfer and live birth rates than those who use their own eggs.