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Hi Linda, How are you? Hope you are doing good. I am sorry about your cousin. Oh, my gosh, What a blunder it is. I can relate my story to it. I am a victim of infertility. It is like a horrible dream for me. As I like children. And I desperately want my own baby. Unfortunately, I am ed to go for unable to have a kid. I was suggested to opt for surrogacy. I at first was very scared. How will this be done? I am living in Ireland. I cannot go out of Europe because I can’t afford it. I can move within Europe because Visa is free here. So I started searching for clinics in Europe. I found a clinic Lotus on the internet. They were guaranteed fast service affordable packages and good communication system. It seems to be very attractive. I sent them mail 2 months ago. Till now no response. It is really awkward for. If their communication system is this. What would be later on?
I really need suggestions. Please help.