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Hey there. I hope you’re good. You waited for a long time. It must have been really frustrating. It must have been very hard. I’m glad you’ve seen the light now. Surrogacy is definitely the way forward. Surrogacy at 43. I think that’s a good option. Because infertility struck at age issues. And when nothing seems to be working out. Surrogacy would definitely do some magic. Since surrogacy would make you able to have a surrogate to carry your baby. So I believe that there would be no issues of the age. And you would have your baby safe and sound. All you got to do is. Have a clinic that is trustworthy and have some great number of success history Trust me, there’s no better method. It’s safe. You don’t have to go through the possible trauma of losing a baby. It’s the best method and it’s pretty much guaranteed to provide you with a baby. I hope you decide to go for it. Good luck! Fingers crossed, it works for you.