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Hello everyone. From my experience couples tend to give up after five or six rounds because then the odds become far too low and it is so emotionally draining that they do not wish to put themselves through anymore in light of such slim odds. A third round, however, you still have reasonable odds. My partner deals in statics and we are currently TTC. He considered it all carefully and we decided that if nothing happens naturally and we do end up having IVF (quite likely given our circumstances) we will only have five rounds as after that the odds are not good enough to keep trying. At the end of the day, it is the decision and how much is prepared to invest financially and emotionally as it is a drain and it seems the more pump in the less likely are to want to pull out. I have seen this many times with couples trying for many years having 11 -15 rounds of IVF treatment to no avail. But I would certainly say give it another go at only three as still have a very good chance! Good luck and I hope to gain success if do decide to give it another try.