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Hy Lika Koni, Welcome to this forum. It is good to see that you are going for surrogacy. Please first contact your good doctor about this and take her suggestion. There are many fake clinics these days. Make sure you don’t contact a wrong clinic. There behavior are not good with their patient. If i will share my experience with you. Me and my wife also go for surrogacy as this was a difficult decision for us. We research many clinics and then choose a new one in Europe. But it was so bad experience of me. They did not cooperate with u And they also take a long time to respond. We came back and again started a safe search about these clinics and finally we find a good one with many facilities. And they give us a successful treatment. I will be very happy after that. So I recommend you to research every clinic properly before choosing it. That will be really helpful for you. Best of luck!