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Hey Olivia, you have been through a lot. I hope this soon gets over. You’re a very strong person. I know MC would have been painful. All the ladies who have been through it can understand you’re pain. Surrogacy is a procedure that in recent times has proven to be quite successful. A lot of people who have been through give amazing reviews regarding it. There are few things that I have learned from my own research. The first thing is that surrogacy is still illegal in many countries and in countries which it is legal there are different laws regarding it. For example in India foreigners are not allowed. Therefore, read the laws. Secondly I have realized the price is different in various regions from a big difference. It is comparatively inexpensive in Ukraine. I came across this clinic it has really good reviews and they offer surrogacy at 39900 euros whereas in USA the process is being done in double the amount. So research properly regarding the clinic.