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Hello Lika.
This is such an amazing post. I am so happy that you have decided to go for surrogacy. I agree that it is the best solution to infertility in our time and age. And you have made the right decision. Though many people still view it negatively, for odd reasons. It seems to be the most ideal way for couples to have their own children, if they are unable to do so naturally.
I know of so many couples in my circle who have been facing fertility issues. Recently a friend of mine went for surrogacy herself. She now has a beautiful and healthy daughter. Though the journey was a bit hectic because of the constant traveling to and from Ukraine. Other than that she did not face any issues with it.
You have made the right decision, specifically if you are aged. And i think you need to select the clinic soon and start your amazing journey. I really hope you have a happy and success story to share with us at some point. Best of luck with your journey.