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I hope you will good. We should not afair from out problems that are the part of life. You should not worry about that. You have great ability to search the solution of the problem rather than stuck on one problem and think about that. I want to share my experience with infertility treatment may be that help you. I am also infertile. I face miscarriage due to a road accident and my bones were broken. That was the worse event of my life. That is worse loss of unborn baby than have no baby. I search about infertility treatment and I got a solution from that forum. The solution was that someone told me about a clinic in Europe. I went there and concern with the doctor after all test on the basis of the report he suggested me surrogacy as infertility solution. After surrogacy, I have 2 babies. Don’t worry IVF also the good treatment of infertility and success rate of IVF also good but that is risky because of sometimes sperm are not mature etc. My best wishes with you.