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Chloe Mag

Hello, How are you? Hope you are doing well against infertility.I am 32 and now married for 8 years. We tried for a baby but we couldn’t conceive. 2 years ago my doctor confirmed that i am infertile.i was heartbroken it was so stressful. My husband, god bless him, is strong support and so i have decided to go for surrogacy over IVF. I will share my experience of Lotus clinic.Reading all these comments I realize that they never really reply back. i also tried contact via email and phone. I tried every method to get through to them but all in vain. Of course I didn’t expect such kind of behavior from a reputed clinic.But hearing all this I guess they are not that good. If they cant have professionalism and supportive attitude then they dont deserve this fame. Never gonna contact them again. I have wasted my time and now i am warning you all to avoid doing so. bye