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Now i am married again and me and my husband are thinking of having of having a baby.
I guess keeping in aspects like me a woman should probably go for surrogacy method to have a baby..
We are looking for a good clinic to support us and guide us through the whole process.
I’m looking for a good woman who can carry our child in her womb for 9 months with care
I know that at this age and keeping in mind all the aspects regarding mt previous pregnancy complications getting pregnant again will be not a good idea.
So i have convinced my husband for having a baby via surrogacy.
For that purpose we have consulted a number of clinics and have positive reviews about surrogacy.
Now as i and my husband are ready for surrogacy option.
But still i am looking for a perfect lady who can help us.
I met many women who are offering their services to many clinics regarding surrogacy.
Tired of all the complications i had gone through during pregnancy i gave up upon the hope of having a baby.
Please share your experience if you have any regarding surrogacy.
Thanks in advance.