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Hi Good to see your post. I hope you are doing well. I am glad to see that you finally succeed. It was your effort you got benefits of that effort. Every problem has some solution people discouraged and give up after face little bit difficulties. You did loss your confidence and hope and never give up. Life is full of challenges. We should face challenges such as strong power. I really appreciate you. I am also in fettle. I was really disappointed when i face miscarriage. Lose of an unborn baby is worse than have no baby. That’s why I was stressed. My friend told me about a clinic in Europe. He guided me about that clinic. I concern with my husband he agreed with me. We went to Europe in a clinic. They cooperate with us very well. Doctor complete checkup mine and said to me about some test. After tests report, he suggested me surrogacy as the good infertility treatment. Now I have 2 babies. I am very happy. I achieved success like you after great effort. Best of luck.