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Hey, I am really sorry to hear about your bad experience with the clinic. I had a very similar experience with them. When I was searching for clinics I emailed them as well. I mentioned in my email that it was a matter of urgency. They, however, responded to me after 2 weeks. I found the email to be very monotonous. It is the basic patient-practitioner rule that you are supposed to care about the patient and empathize with them. However, in the email they directly asked for my medical documents. They didn’t even answer my questions. I still decided to email them again and to which they responded with the same email. So obviously I wasn’t relying on them only I was in touch with several others. One of the clinics was responding quickly and were a lot more professional so I decided to opt for them. So it is all about finding the “right” clinic. Just keep researching and if you need any help let me know. Best of luck with your search!