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Hello. I’m 24 years old. Doctors told me that I’m Infertile because of conceive of heart diseases. Then, I’m very sad at that time. Then, I hear that Adonis clinic is near to my Street. Then, I go to Adonis clinic tommorow. They cannot pay attention to my problem and on to me. The structure and the apartments of the clinic is also old fashioned. Some of patients can eat same food that is given to everyone. Some special food are make by some special pateints on the base of rich family. Their apartments are very dirty and horror. They cannot pay attention to clean it and wash it. Adonis clinic is very bad from their actions. They cannot wash their hands after visit the some patients and diseases spread in all peoples. My husband can complain that clinic is not clean and their staff is unfriendly. They can misbehave with us yesterday.