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Nelly Kom

This is a very informative post, Trisha! People planning for surrogacy will find it very helpful. Thank you very much for this information. You’re totally right. Guiding people to do the right thing is essential. Personally, I think that surrogacy should be legalized throughout the world and these issues won’t even arise. Seeing people move to other countries for the surrogacy process is really not a good sight. The country you live in should take care of your problems. Well, the best is when the clinic takes responsibility for handling all the legal matters. Some clinics do handle it well and the patients don’t face any problem. But some fail to handle the situation and things get worse. It’s better to sort things before in order to stay on the safe side. I’m sure in favor of people having the process done by a clinic than privately. In some cases, surrogates deny to give the baby to intended parents and sadly, they can’t even do anything about it. Stay safe people!