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I hope you are well. Thank you for making this post. I’m a 35-year-old woman who has been married for 5 years. I have been visiting many clients too and I would love to share the experience I recommend you visit Europe, My husband and I tried to conceive for three years. We couldn’t do it. We got a full medical checkup and found out my husband had a problem of low sperm motility and my uterus just could carry a child. eggs were fully functional so we thought of going for surrogacy. I wanted to get rid of the depression I got myself into. At first, we were a bit unsure about this. After meeting those people I made up my mind. I really wanted to go for it and so I did. We applied for surrogacy and went through the procedure. They found us a surrogate that matched in three months time. This time can vary from other people thought. My surrogate did not take much time in conceiving my baby. After nine months, I had my son in my arms. I’m a very happy person now.