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Now i am married again and me and my husband are thinking of having of having a baby from surrogacy.
We were looking for a good clinic to support us and guide us through the whole process. We contacted adonis clinic but the clinic didn’t responded in professional manner. We were so heart broken with such response from clinic. I will suggest you to don’t waste your time on relying on adinos clinic.
I’m looking for a good woman who can carry our child in her womb for 9 months with care.
Tired of all the complications i had gone through during pregnancy. I gave up upon the hope of having a baby.
I know that at this age and keeping in mind all the aspects regarding mt previous pregnancy complications getting pregnant again will be not a good idea.
So i have convinced my husband for having a baby via surrogacy.
For that purpose we have consulted a number of clinics and have positive reviews about surrogacy.
Now as i and my husband are ready for surrogacy option.
But still i am looking for a perfect lady who can help us.
Please share your experience if you have any regarding surrogacy.
Thanks in advance.