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I hope you are doing good. I really feel sad to know about the incident. This is really heartbreaking. Many people are now being moving towards the assisted methods. The number of infertility has increased with the passage of time. A lot of the people are now getting hopeless. But, the science has improved. It has introduced many ways of conceiving. Such assisted methods are giving a ray of hopes to the couples. One needs to be sure while selecting a clinic. Adonis has been playing with the feelings f the many patients. I contacted them. After several emails, I got a reply. They asked me to send them my medical reports. After getting my medical reports, they stopped replying. I mean, how unjust is this. First, you give a hope to the person and then, get vanished all of a sudden. I was totally shattered to get this behavior from them. Totally unprofessional. None of you should contact them.