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hello there !!! my Sister I had 3 miscarriages in the last 2 years. And this time is the most difficult time of my life. Every time I conceive my pregnancy ends into the miscarriage. I can’t get the reason for such happening. I have concerned many good doctors. They have declared my sister infertile. But I can’t have the power to accept this harsh reality. I am really getting weaker and weaker day by day. I have sent my sister reports to lotus clinic. They didn’t send me a reply. Maybe they don’t want to help me. There is a problem with their communication system. Or they are not getting my emails. Well, I only knew about this clinic. And my sister is really disappointed now. I am really glad to join this forum. It contains a lot of useful information. Not only that many people have shared many experiences on this forum. Whether it’s good or bad it gives us a lesson. So I am very thankful to this forum for giving us such a wonderful platform.