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Oh, this is so incredible. You had a very bad experience with this clinic. I have also heard many negative comments about this clinic adonis. They only waste your time. They do not give you proper replies. They do not bother to care for their patients. This is totally ridiculous. How can this clinic have such unprofessional behavior with their clients? This is not fair at all. People trust this clinic with their lives. But they have such strange attitude towards their clients. I think people should stop contacting this clinic. We need to spread awareness among people regarding this issue. We have to make maximum people aware of these scams. We should make more threads to spread awareness. We should save people from getting into the same problem. It is very hard to cope with. Being infertile and not able to conceive naturally is very hard. People went to clinics for their treatments but clinics like Adonis plays with the sentiments of the people. The egg donor has to fulfill certain conditions before donating the eggs. Unless these prerequisites are fulfilled the donor cannot give the eggs. The foremost thing is the individual health. so look for the best clinics.