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emma joe

Hello My Dear Alska, Hope you are doing well and living like a healthy person. 🙂 This is true Alska. I was also infertile and many of the persons told me to go for the Adonis clinic. My personal doctor also advised me to go for the Adonis but after have an experience with this clinic I came t know about their reality time y time. I feel that they are trying to keep me busy in useless tests. Their main focus was on the money. They are really scam and have no interest for the humanity service. They are scammers and should be ban. They have wasted mine money and time. Don’t know how much people already have become their prey. So i will say not to go to this shit clinic Adonis. I went Ukraine and have now baby after facing the struggles. So at the end. I would like to say something to those women who are facing infertility. They should visit the Ukraine. Best wishes for you. My love is always with you. 🙂