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“Hello, Sara! I hope you are good. Sorry to hear about your problems and for that what you had to face. It was so unfair to you. First, you faced the pain of infertility after that you had to bear injustice of the clinic audonis. I have sympathy for you. Stay strong dear do not lose hope. We are on the same boat. I also faced a very bad experience at Adonis. Let me tell you about my experience at this clinic. I faced three miscarriages after my marriage. I became infertile. I got to know about this clinic. I thought it would remove all the sadness from my life but clinic disappointed me very much. Thier medical facilities were not good. The staff was so rude. They do not care about people feelings. They just only want to make money nothing else. We should aware people about this sort of clinics. I hope my post will help other people.
Best of luck dear. ”