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Hey. how are you? feeling sorry for every infertile women. deeply in full of sorrow. infertility is the red signal to infertility. But do not lose hope. hope for the best. if you lost hope means that you lost the courage to fight with this disease. you will face infertility it may hurt you. In infertility, it is very difficult to conceive. you must consult a specialist in this regard. surrogacy is the best option. surrogacy will provide you hundred percent result.i will recommend them that they must check details regarding surrogacy. science has developed now. consult the doctor as well in this regard. hope that they will go wherever the green signal is there always for you. surrogacy has also served as last hope of the infertile woman. Go for that clinic that suits you. Adonis clinic is just kidding with the people. Rounding their minds. Hope you’ll get it.