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No matter where you are in your infertility journey, it’s important to recognize that these feelings are completely normal. Although they may not make you feel like yourself, they are an important part of your journey to accepting your infertility and moving forward with your family-building process. However, as you probably know, coping with infertility is easier said than done. That’s why many professionals encourage hopeful parents who are struggling with infertility to work with an infertility counselor. Your counselor will work with you to understand the struggles you’re experiencing living with infertility, and they may offer suggestions for overcoming infertility and eventually moving forward with your parenthood process. While your infertility counselor will play a large role as you work through your emotions, try not to confine your conversations to your meetings with him or her. Share what you’re feeling in a positive way with your partner, and reach out to family and friends for infertility support. Although they may not have experience with the infertility process, it can be helpful to have someone you know just be an open ear for you to vent to. You may also want to seek out infertility support groups to share your struggles with people who have been through the same emotions you have.