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Hello everyone. I hope you all will be fine. It’s great pleasure to see such positive response from all of you. You all are helping each other in a very well manner. Really Biotex is a very good clinic when it comes to surrogacy. They have very good and professional staff. They pay a lot of attention to their respected patients. This clinic is one of the best in treatment for those couples who are infertile. The respected clinic is holding a conference in London where they will be discussing about their services. I am really excited to attend the conference. I hope that you all will be excited in the same manner as it will be a source of great knowledge about the surrogacy and all other such related issues. For those people who will not be able to attend the conference I will be there for you and I will share all the information with you. Biotex is one of its kind. So if possible please do attend the conference as it will answer all the questions wandering in your minds! Best of luck for all of you.