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That’s a great news. I am really excited for this. Me and my DH, we both were infertile. It was not possible for us to have a baby of our own. This really disappointed us. But one of my friend told me about surrogacy. I found it beneficial and started to search for it. I found many clinics which offered surrogacy. Then I came up with a clinic in Ukraine named as Biotex. They were really cooperative and helped me a lot in my case. I started my journey from there and I am having a baby right now. Now one of my friend wanted to go for surrogacy. She was planning to pay a visit to Biotex in Ukraine. But as I read this news I was really and excited and told her about this, She is really happy for this. I told her that there will be consultation sessions and conferences which will clear all their queries. I also suggest other people that they should also avail this golden chance and go for it. It will really help you out in this case.