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Hi there hope everyone is doing great. Infertility is such a devastating thing. It can break a woman. And it can also be harmful for a relationship. My sister went through something similar. She was so heartbroken when she found out that she could not have a baby of her own. Then her doctor told her to go through the IVF. That did not even work out, after several fail attempts. Then she was told by her brother in law to go for Surrogacy. They contacted some clinics who turned out to be frauds. But then she contacted one in Ukraine and they were guided through the whole process. They were so lucky to have good doctors from the clinic and a trustworthy surrogate mother. She was beyond happy, when she had her baby boy. The best part is that the clinic is going to have a meet up in London, and all those who are going to opt for surrogacy they should attend it.