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Hey Rosie, I agree with you. Infertility has raised in recent years. There are reportedly more cases of people who are facing infertility. I am also facing this issue and has been TTC for almost 10 years now. MY DH got so frustrated that he was considering adoption. I refused because being an adopted child I have experienced that an adopted child can never replace a biological one. I convinced my DH for surrogacy instead. He agreed and we contacted A****s clinic in Ukraine for our surrogacy journey. We emailed the clinic to get necessary information. As we live in Ireland and we were not able to visit. Unfortunately we didnt get any response from the clinic. We kept emailing them. We even used my DHs id to approach them. But they have such irresponsible and unprofessional staff that they didnt bothered to respond back. We felt quite devastated and thought to search another clinic. I ll look into the opportunity you just mentioned.