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Hello Dear! I hope you are fine. I am sad to after your post about you. Infertility is a curse. It affects the whole life of a lady totally. So one should fight this curse and remain solid. Because success is for those who try again and again. This is a very famous moral that courage is the father of success. I am not shocked to hear bad about Lotus clinic because their real face is not hidden now. They are fraud. I had a very bad experience with them. They lost my documents of procedure and then stop to contact me .they behave that they did not recognize me.I was depressed at that time.I recommend you to go for another clinic. I would recommend you go for The European clinic . You should take surrogacy treatment there. God will help you. I have seen numerous couples who got their babies with surrogacy. This is in fact the best answer for barrenness. Good luck dear.