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Hi Alina, I hope you are fine. Oh! It’s really sad hearing that you are suffering from many problems. I’m so sorry about your infertility. I can understand how hard it is to go through such a tough time. It’s really sad that you have gone through such a bad experience. Yes! I have also heard many bad experiences of people from this clinic. It’s really depressing that these people don’t understand the emotions of people. They should not be called as human. No humanity is seen in them. A person learns from his experiences. I know the best clinic in Europe. There are many success stories of that clinic. They never let their patients leave unsatisfied. This clinic is affordable as well. It offers many packages for people who can not afford many expenses. The staff is well qualified and experienced. This confirms their professionalism. The one who is suffering from any difficulty regarding fertility should consult this clinic. You can also email them. You will get a quick response for sure. Best of luck everyone.