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Farah Smith

Hi Emma James how are you? I hope you are fine. Am really sorry to know about your miscarriage. Miscarriages really break women into pieces. They are most difficult to cope with. I can feel your pain. My sister also had faced a similar kind of situation. Because of an accident, she lost her kid. Luckily she survived that accident but her baby gets killed. It was like an end for her. We had faced many hard times. She was waiting eagerly to become the mother but her fate was not in her favor. She was so disappointed that she even tried to attempt suicide. Then one day her friend told her about a prominent clinic in Europe. She told her that there are treatments available for infertility. She didn’t waste her that. She went to that clinic and it was a successful journey for her. Surrogacy gives her a new life. Now by the grace of Almighty, she is a happy mother.