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Hello Ravi, how are you? Thanks for sharing this video. The video is very informative. Surrogacy is a miracle. It helps infertile couples to have babies. unfortunately there are some clinic who are looting people in name of money. I am also a victim. I am an infertile. I tried to conceive but failed. Doctors suggested us to look for other options. We decided to get surrogacy treatment. We read about L***s clinic on a forum. There were so many positive comments regarding the clinics. We thought the clinic is the best option for us. So we contacted them via email. At first they didn’t reply to our email. But after sending too many emails we finally got a response. But they replied rudely. They also demanded money to provide us any info regarding treatment. What kind of behavior is that? Please son’t contact them they will waste your time. They are nothing but scam bags.