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Shelby Ashton

Hey, i hope you are doing well. Let me tell you, you are not alone in this. I have had the same experience with some other clinic. I was looking for a clinic 3 months ago for my surrogacy. So i found this clinic L***S on Facebook. I contacted the clinic. I emailed them. even i called them for a month on daily basis. I continued emailing them for more than 2 months. But neither they replied to my emails, nor they answered my phone calls. I got so disappointed and depressed and stopped emailing them. Its week few weeks now. I am still so depressed. I wonder why they did that to me. I contacted them with so many hopes. But what they did! thwy even disappointed me more. They are scammers. All they care for money and that’s it. they don’t have emotions and feelings at all. i am never gonna contact them again. They rae trash. Beware of them as well. All they know how to shatter you.