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I hope you are fine. I am so sorry to hear about your problems. Infertility is the most devastating situation in a woman’s life. It makes a woman lose heart. A woman never wants to face this situation in her life. It is not natural all the time. I can also occur due to miscarriage or accident. I felt really bad about what that clinic did to you. They should be ashamed of themselves. Well, dear, the world is not a bed of roses. Do not worry dear. Not all the clinic are the scam. There are also some good clinics. I know about one of them. It is a well-known clinic in Europe. I have also faced infertility. I had no other option but surrogacy. I came to know about this clinic. I took my surrogacy at this clinic. I am enjoying a happy parental life now. I suggest you go to this clinic. I would help you to make your life better. May God bless you with a healthy baby. Good luck.